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BE BECOME music video

Nini Julia Bang is a Danish singer and musician whose interest in music began as she traveled in her late teens and early 20’s to India, Tuva, Iceland, Corsica, Georgia, & most recently Iran. Her music is a meld of traditional folk songs combined with oceanic electronics and meditative loops. Her multi dimensional voice has been described as haunting and heart wrenching.


Her debut EP, A THOUSAND TONGUES, is a collection of six tracks that is a celebration of cross cultural expression, each track in collaboration with different female musicians from Iceland. Opening with an original composition in collaboration with JFDR, “Be Become” is an ambient and meditative call to arms. The rest of the EP dives into traditional songs reimagined. The second track is the minimal and mysterious “Beshno Az Ney” from Iran, followed by two  intensely cathartic and haunting pieces, produced by Samaris’ Áslaug Magnúsdóttir , a reimagining of the Icelandic lullabye “Sofðu unga ástin mín” and Kurdish lamentation song “Seydik”. The EP then soars into two love songs,  the Bulgarian “Kalimanko” produced by Kira Kira, and lastly, the lilting and melancholic Greek love song “Smyrneiko Minore” with a piano arrangement of gravitational force by Sóley.  


In six different languages, Nini traverses, is enveloped, and thrashes against a multi dimensional sonic landscape, offering herself as a vessel and resonating chamber in a dialogue of cross cultural expression, and diverse collaborations.


The EP is inspired by her first solo performance, of the same title, which premiered at the Theatre Olympics, in Wroclaw, Poland, and has since toured to Sweden and Iceland, being nominated for two Icelandic Theatre Awards in 2018 (GRÍMAN).


The EP was released on November 15th 2018, on the American label Source Material.

Be Become by Nini Julia Bang

Original Composition by Nini Julia Bang & JFDR

Vocals by Nini Julia Bang

Production by JFDR

Mixed & Mastered by Paul Evans

Video Directed and Edited by Samantha Shay

Filmed by Chloe Jarnac

Produced by Source Material Collective

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