Photo by Karol Jarek

As performers we continuously search for a more subtle, attentive and powerful presence. The workshop aims to awaken this listening presence and enhance the relationship between voice and body.

Through finding a deeper connection with rhythm, voice, physicality, breath and songs we aspire to let our creativity flourish and guide both our performative imagination and our everyday lives.


Participants will be led in playful vocal exercises, brought to life in choral singing of folk songs from different corners of the world. The songs will in addition provide a space for us to improvise and explore our individual voice.

We will be using partner work and leadings as a tool to connect with one another, get a deeper awareness and a more vigilant physicality. Through the voice we will look into the question of intention and what it is that makes a song or a body

powerful and alive.

The workshop is suitable for people from all backgrounds.

participant testimonials

"I want to thank you, Nini, for your incredibly spirited guidance. This evening, I sang my little baby to sleep - it was in a different way this time... I felt my heart pouring out from me to him in a clear, connected way - I felt more generous with my voice. Thank you for that invitation to open up and express myself to him. I feel like a part of my soul has been awakened."

Briana Ratterman

"Today I decided to write to you and let you know how strong it has been for me to work with you! You were the first person who showed me the inner dreaming layers of my vocal capabilities! On the first two workshops I was too shocked to see and understand what was happening, but now time has passed and I see clearer – you took my hand with light and pixies in your eyes and told me not to fear. It was such a turning point! To let go, let go... For you it was so obvious that I (we all!) have it inside of us. And that it is natural that we are animals – screaming, calling out, in so many different strange ways! So, it’s not even that we CAN sing, but we NEED to do it – just like breathing. And of course I want to tell you that you are very good teacher! :)"

Aleksandra Zawłocka