Photo by  Silvia Grav

This is a workshop for you who want to let yourself be guided in a safe space to experience the ancient tradition of lamentation. It is a place where song, dance and theatre are taken back to their original form - ritual. Both acting, dancing and singing contain techniques that are able to re-establish the connection with our body and voice, in order to let release and let go of the feelings latent just below the surface. Through simple exercises we strive to find a more true and honest presence on stage, as well as allowing ourselves to feel and express what we feel.

Lamentation is found in all cultures and is a long forgotten practise with strong roots back to our ancestors,

However, this workshop is done in the spirit of theatre and music and is not a therapy session.

Through reconnecting to our body and voice, as well as the elements around us, we are exploring grief and sorrow in order to find peace in, as well as embrace, the darkness inside of us.

Get in contact if you are interested in the workshop or want to know more about upcoming dates.