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HOUSE OF THE LIVING is a new dance theatre piece inspired by Henrik Ibsen’s feminist masterpiece Hedda Gabler, developed by an interdisciplinary team and performed by dancers, actors, and singers. It is a psyschosexual grande ballet, and a personal reckoning, excavating the buried selves that live within the forms we call man and woman. HOUSE OF THE LIVING is a performative poem, where words are heard but do not act as the center of the performance. HOUSE OF THE LIVING greets the audience with a flattering sheen of Apollonian beauty that descends into an emotionally ravenous underworld, enveloped by the chaos of Nature bound up in society’s definitions of gender.

Emerging with great controversy in the late 1800’s, Hedda Gabler is a play that centers around one of the greatest dramatic roles written for the theatre. The main character, Hedda, has been historically interpreted across a broad and complex spectrum, from a victim of the patriarchy, an evil villain, to a feminist hero. Hedda Gabler is a mysterious and tragic story of the female experience. HOUSE OF THE LIVING tells the story in a novel, refreshing way, and it stands on its own as a new piece.

Directed by Samantha Shay

Performed by Nini Julia Bang, Brenna Frederickson and Samantha Shay

Filmed by Chloe Jarnac

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