MONUMENT performance

M O N U M E N T is a work in progress performance by Source Material, based on Shakespeare’s King Lear. It is a performance that is structured as a durational swell + a cacophonous lamentation + a theatre of sound. It explores the laws of Nature in the face of growing turmoil, and a mourning song for the buried shards of division that rise to the surface in the face of an unfamiliar reign, a murmuring song for motherless daughters, a political and familial tapestry of chaos, and an incantation of fierce and enduring loyalty in a tumultuous world.

M O N U M E N T seeks to honor the aural kinesphere of Shakespeare through radical yet devotional means, by jumping into the rhythms within Shakespeare’s use of iambic pentameter, and particularly his unprecedented innovation through rhythmic variation and dissonance in his later plays. M O N U M E N T to devotes itself to the kinaesthetic experience of language, the body as a resonating chamber, and the vocie as a catalyst for emotional landscapes magnified. M O N U M E N T harkens back to the very first form of theatre, the lamentation rites. When women would gather after a death in their community, and with their voices, created a space for the shooing of the soul from one realm to the other.


M O N U M E N T was performed during LungA Art festival 2018.

Directed by Samantha Shay
Performed by: Nini Julia BangDitte BerkeleyAnnemarie de BruijnTom JaegerAnnelise LawsonSophie NetanelStephanie Regina, & Bob Wicks.

With original music by JFDRÁslaug Magnúsdóttir, & Paul Evans.

Lighting Design by Nicole Pearce
Scenic Design by Yao Zhang
Costume Design by Angela Triviño
Assistant Directed by Jenna May Cass
Production Managed by Nína Hjálmarsdóttir
Video filmed by Victoria Sendra