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Every class is build specifically for your needs.

My focus is connecting body and voice - to have a healthy voice no matter what kind of music you are singing.


I teach singing and vocal techniques for advanced and intermediate singers, as well as beginners from 17 years of age and up.


Lessons could include:

-Basic elements of building the voice

-Breathing techniques

-Working on various vocal qualities/techniques

-Expanding the voice

-Learning a song


-Searching for a deeper connection with your voice

-Body and voice connection

-Imagination work with a song​

-Interpretation and expression

I teach to have a healthy voice in all types of music. Some student come to me after having already received vocal training in the traditional systems, with a wish to learn more vocal techniques from the world music tradition as well as finding a more holistic approach to the voice. 

My specialty is folk and world music, but I do sing classical, jazz and singer-songwriter as well.

It is important for me that each lesson is created specifically for you and that we create the agenda together.

The center of attention is always the individual students needs, dreams and wishes. 

The lessons are a safe place for you to have fun, be challenged and learn more about your voice.


500 DKK / 50 min


5xsolo 2350 DKK (to be used within 3 months from date of purchase)

10xsolo 4500 DKK (to be used within 9 months from date of purchase)

In case of cancelling less than 24 hours before, the full price is paid.

If you want to book a session or have questions, get in contact here.