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TEATR ZAR performances

TEATR ZAR is a multinational group formed during its annual research expeditions to Georgia in the years 1999–2003. During these expeditions, the group collected much musical material, the core of which is a group of centuries-old polyphonic songs that have their roots in the beginning of the human era and are probably the oldest forms of polyphony. ‘Zar’ is the name of the funeral songs performed by the Svaneti tribe who inhabit the high regions of the Caucasus, in North-West Georgia.


​The work of TEATR ZAR is an attempt to demonstrate that theatre does not only pertain to the Greek ‘thea’ – seeing – but that it is something that above all should be heard. From such hearing, deep images are born that would be impossible to create even by means of the most modern theatre technology; where even the body of a singing actor shines and emanates with the energy of sound, of the song that lies within it.

Nini Julia Bang performs in all three parts of 'Gospels of Childhood. The Triptych':

'Overture' (2003), 'Caesarean Section. Essays on suicide' (2007) and 'Anhelli. The Calling.' (2009).

Directed by Jarosław Fret

Teatr ZAR is Nini Julia Bang, Ditte Berkeley, Przemysław Błaszczak, Alessandro Curti, Jean-Francois Favreau Kamila Klamut, Aleksandra Kotecka, Matej Matejka, Maciek Mądry, Magdalena Mądra, Ewa Pasikowska, Simona Sala, Orest Sharak, Tomasz Wierzbowski


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