VANDskabt performance

Photo by Alexander Clement

Water is birth. Water is life. Water is dead.

We fear water and we can not cope without.

We are made of water, surrounded by water, and yet we spend all life looking for it.

Water is past, present and future.

Water is myth, prophecy and tale.


In a sensational musical ode, musician and performance artist, Nini Julia Bang and actress Sara Ullmer envelope the audience in a world where myths prevail, the 'Volva' (ancient nordic shaman) chant, the Norns weave, death wonder and rebirth is predicted.

The scene has been transformed into an underwater tale, where music, poetry, folk tales and the old Nordic Edda poetry unite in a study of water.

The audience is "dipped" in musical aquariums that let them reclaim the feelings and memories of fetal water, salty tears, open sea, summer rain, the cold shivers and everything's negligence.

At the end of the journey, the audience is left to reminiscence. Perhaps a drop of subconsciousness has come to the surface to stay.


Music by Nini Julia Bang

Performance, concept and idea by Nini Julia Bang and Sara Ullner